Wolves V City

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Re: Wolves V City

Post by jimharri on October 30th 2010, 20:47

sdavros wrote:
bluealf wrote:It was me that disagreed with you but no im not the type that has to be right or i will fall out with you type.

I do believe you are wrong to write off a young boy so soon though.

I'm a bit touchy after watching that today. This defeat has got to me and there is a rag grinding my gears all day on the phone..

Maybe I'm being hasty but I saw enough in the lad today to make me think he was a bluffer. Hope I'm wrong but I think he'll be gone in January
We've all had days like that S. I felt the same after the defeat at the Baggies in the CC; still hurting about that actually. I look at WBA and they're a trip to Ipswich away from the semi finals (Mickey Mouse cup or not). And their league form hasn't exactly nosedived since they played us. Fucking annoying.
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Re: Wolves V City

Post by sdavros on October 30th 2010, 20:50

bluealf wrote:Im not impressed myself with how we played today bar the first 20 minutes when we passed the ball fantstically, how it all went pear shaped after that god only knows.

Im sure his talent will come through, plus arnt all youngsters petchulant nowadays Razz

The wages shouldnt come into it because we where saying the same thing when they got 10k etc etc it is all way to much money to pay somebody for kicking an inflated piece of synthetic plastic about.

we seem to have more than the acceptable quota of them though. I just don't understand how they can justify not giving a fuck.

Look at Kevin Doyle, bordering on a rubbish footballer, but was the most effective player out there today because he has a bit of pride in himself and isn't afraid to take a belt or put himself about. And he gets paid about 1/3 of some of our "superstars"

Before, top class players, almost without exception* were the hardest working players on the field, on top of being technically gifted. Nowadays if the can run fast or do a step over they think that gives them the right to walk about with their hands out.. Lazy twats. If I was Silva I'd be fuming tonight and would kick fuck out of about four or five of them training.. God we need Carlos and Nigel back in.

* exception being Le Tiss who was a lazy twat
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Re: Wolves V City

Post by bluealf on October 30th 2010, 21:52

My man that knows things has been online and thrown the subs choice reasoning into the mix.

Here goes....

Zabs for Ade = He wanted to test Zabs in this position because DeJong got an injury in the last training session (being assessed, but could be out for a couple of weeks)

Ade instead of Balo = He wanted Ade to be fresher for Posnam match.

Not rocket science I suppose but he is often right.

He also thinks we are after Lazio's other LB who can play left of a CH pairing also, Radu a romanian.

I'd guess if this is true Lescott will be out of the door in the summer.
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Re: Wolves V City

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