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go back to the south stand

Post by shinpads on January 4th 2009, 16:32

go back to the south stand you bunch of moaning fucking twats. Sat in my normal seat in 139 and was surrounded by knuckle dragging morons who did nothing but slag players off, and yes ysterday that was easy to do, but some of the fucking whinging and moaning that went on was unbelieveable. I know vassell isnt the greatest but yesterday theis guy was being given grief for being on the bench FFS, same for Jo, took 10 mins to start slagging off sturridge, but he still took grief. When elano came over to take a corner i felt sorry for the fella, he got a round of aplause from most of us but one complete twat at the top of his voice kept screaming "fuck off to lazio you useless cunt" over and over and over, when you realise i sit on the front row and yes the players can hear you, you will maybe realise his reluctance to come over and take another corner from the same spot. I think my biggest gripe against the knuckle draggers is their distinct lack of footballing knowledge. And at points I was almost embarrased by their sheer idiocy. When you get a grown man stood behind you screaming "SWITCH" every time a city player got the ball anywhere near us begs the question, what the fuck do you actually mean and how does that help anybody? Switch what? the kettle on, switch your brain off? if by some remote chance he was meaning switch the ball to the other side , 99 times out of 100 had 3 forrest players round him and had nowhere to go.

None of this is aimed at any bozillians, just the fuckwits i was surrounded with yesterday. Grown men whose pleasure at going to football is derived from screaming abuse at people they are not fit to polish the boots of.

Rant over, hughes out bla bla bla

and p.s. team selection and yet again no plan b led to our downfall, hughes weakened the only good point of our season thus far and that was the midfield, we know we dont have a prolific strike force and the defence is shakey, so why against a team that will have seen this as their cup final, remove the only bit of city that worked.
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Re: go back to the south stand

Post by GStar on January 4th 2009, 17:09

I ranted something similar in the matchday thread i think... However with the midfield i'm not sure what Hughes could ahve done yesterday; Ireland was out with a hamstring Injury, Robinho wasn't in the squad due to a knock and SWP came off after 20 minutes... our only other options were the ones we saw today... Sven was lucky with injuries first half of the season and our first XI as they have done on occasions this season turned over a few teams, even one of two injuries are we're hopelessly exposed in almost all areas.

Hopefully by the end of the month we'll have gone some distance to rectifying that.
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