URG's info (in case it gets removed over there.

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URG's info (in case it gets removed over there.

Post by quiet_riot on December 15th 2008, 23:38

Right here goes...as I say most of it seems to have been posted before.

off, Torres...as posted above...seems like his agent is aware that City
are deadly keen on signing him if he becomes available...200k a week
has been mentioned.

Next one Henry. It's been in the papers
loads but someone I know (a friend knows him better) is close to both
City and Barcelona...he gets the impression that Henry is a real
possibility. This person has been a little hit and miss in the past

As for other signings...someone who works part time for
the Club (not in the stands or selling beer etc) thinks that deals for
Buffon and Kaka are done. I'm not sure I believe it but this is
something that has appeared in the papers loads of times.

A City
player has said (not directly to me) that they felt that interest in
Santa Cruz, Diarra and Bridge is very real. I'm told from another
source that Santa Cruz and Diarra deals are done. Again, nothing
revolutionary here and by the way I am not claiming to be the bringer
of good news etc...I'm only passing on what I have heard from good
sources. Please remember I have got things right in the past and I have
got things wrong!

Another thing....I haven't seen posted
anywhere is mention of the surveyors being in and around the ground
very recently. Clearly something is being planned...whether it is
stadium expansion or development around the ground I don't know but
there is no way you send in these guys for fun.

Finally, the
press articles/ rumours that Hughes is very distant from the squad
might be true. He apparently doesn't get very close at all...I did read
an interview from Bowen that more or less confirms this. A friend of a
friend was on a recent team flight and noticed that Hughes didn't say
one word to any of the squad either at departures, during the flight or
at arrivals.

That's it...I do not claim to be in the know but
do get interesting snippets (most of the above is out there)...most of
what I do get I pass on!

We could really do with URG over here.
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Re: URG's info (in case it gets removed over there.

Post by stony on December 15th 2008, 23:41

I was very cynical regarding URG's ITK posts when he first joined. I always felt he had another agenda. I'm happy that I've been proved wrong however and I trust his info more than any of the other ITK's

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