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Post by mat on November 4th 2008, 04:19

The only player at city i feel connected to.

The man has been through the ringer and KK and the club stood by him and i believe he'll never forget that. He'd walk over broken glass for this club, he's scored OGs but they've happened whilst he's tried to stop players scoring right to the death.

If he has a testimonial which i think he deserves i'll be there like a shot. Worshipped by his country i just wish City fans would do the same.
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Re: Dunne

Post by bluealf on November 4th 2008, 11:06

Well said

It's a disgrace some of the things people are saying, he scores own goals because he is always their on the line trying to stop a certain goal, or like the 2og's against the scum they were deflections whilst blocking shots.

I would love to see the opta stats for last ditch tackles and blocks
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