City Vs Livveeeerrpooooool

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Re: City Vs Livveeeerrpooooool

Post by shinpads on October 6th 2008, 00:49

mat wrote:
maineman wrote:HUGHES OUT

I reckon we got Yosser turn up today.

Les was probably sleeping off his bender with shinpads.

think his hangover kicked in in the second half.

First half we played really well, but didnt carry that through to the second half. didnt think it was a sending off at the time, but having seen it on telly now im home i can see why it was given, still think it was a yellow. And how that cunt who assaulted jo got away with it i will never know. You kind of knew when we started giving the ref that much shit it aould swing their way. They did get lucky with the winner, I genuinely think two two would have been a fair result. We lost to a decent side, but they are no where near as good as chelsea who I believe will be champions. Suspect
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Re: City Vs Livveeeerrpooooool

Post by Ducado on October 6th 2008, 01:07

maineman wrote:
Bozo wrote:
maineman wrote:HUGHES OUT

get the tactically inept twat out now

maineman i don't think you realise how much of a dick you sound spouting this line on here and BM, we know you don't like the guy but FFS, it's like you have been waiting for a couple of bad results
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